For 36 hours on November 10 - 12, HackPrinceton will bring together over 600 developers and designers from across the country to create incredible software and hardware projects.

At HackPrinceton, you’ll meet fellow hackers, learn new technologies, and hone your skills alongside seasoned mentors. We'll have free food, swag, workshops, mentorship, prizes, games, and more. Come with or without a team or an idea, and we'll inspire you to build something incredible.


  • All hacks must be built by accepted, confirmed, and checked-in HackPrinceton attendees. (This includes registered and checked-in Princeton students.)
  • Teams must consist of no more than four members.
  • Hackers must be a current student, or have left school within the past year, and present enrollment identification (i.e. student ID) to a HackPrinceton organizer if asked.
  • Due to university liability requirements, individuals must be at least 18 years old.


Submissions are due on Devpost by 9:00 AM on Sunday, November 12th. After you submit, you can edit your submission until the deadline, so you are encouraged to begin your submission early. We are not able to accommodate late submissions.

You must include videos, photos, or screenshots of the working product and a link to the source code (GitHub, etc.) of your project.

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Best Overall

Awarded to the best software or hardware project overall. Ipad Mini 4 for each team member.

Audience Choice

The team that garners the most votes from the audience during closing ceremony. Bose SoundLink Wireless Headphones for each team member.

Best VR/AR

Best hack using VR/AR tech. Samsung Gear VR for each team member.

Best Health/Environment Hack

A project that has the most effective and realistic effects on benefiting health and environment. Coffea Activity Tracker for each team member.

Best Hack for Social Good

A project that contributes to social or non-profit causes. $100 donation to charity of choice + Google Home Mini for each team member.

Biggest Failure to Launch

For the team with the most spectacular last-minute flop. Snorlax plush for each team member.

Best First-Time Hack

For the newbie team who best demonstrates new hackathon skills. To qualify, a strict majority of the team must be attending their first hackathon, and you should demonstrate how your first-time attendees contributed to the project. Anker Speakers for each team member.

Best Design

A project that delivers a polished, well-thought-out user experience. Drawing tablet for each team member.

Best Machine Learning Hack

Show off a novel and interesting use of machine learning libraries or techniques. Amazon Fire for each team member.

Made My Day

For a whimsical project that makes the judges smile :). 3D Printing Pen for each team member.

Best Teamwork

Best hack from completely new teammates who did not know each other prior to this hackathon. Amazon Echo Dot for each team member.

Best Hardware

Create a hardware project from individual components: wires, sensors, microcontrollers, solder, and breadboards encouraged. BB-8 Droid for each team member.

Best IoT Hack Using a Qualcomm Device

Qualcomm DragonBoard 410c + power source

Amazon Web Services - Best Use of AWS

$250 AWS Credit

Best Domain Name from

Raspberry Pi & PiHut Essential Kit

Ark-IoT: Decentralize Everything - Blockchain Challenge

Use the Ark Blockchain to decentralize anything from securing a lock to solving some of the world’s biggest problems!

The sky is NOT the ‘lim’,
and the possibilities approach ∞

Most innovative project takes home an Ark-IoT: Decentralize Everything - Open Hardware Kit!

Prize Package:
- Adafruit Trinket :
- Adafruit GEMMA M0 :
- Adafruit Circuit Playground Express :
- 1 Ark-IoT: Decentralize Everything - Open Hardware Kit:

StdLib Prize - Sponsored by StdLib (3)

Awarded to the project that best utilizes StdLib. Bonus points if you tweet @StdLibHQ!

Prize: 3 Nintendo Switches

Best Use of Wolfram Technologies - Sponsored by Wolfram

Each member will receive 1 year of Wolfram|One and Wolfram|Alpha Pro along with a $100 gift card, up to 5 team members

Best Financial Hack - Sponsored by Capital One

We’re looking for your most interesting and creative ideas on how to disrupt the Financial world!

Prize: $250 Amazon Gift Cards - Each Member of The Winning Team

Best Microsoft Hack - Sponsored by Microsoft

Microsoft is excited to offer 4 Surface Pros (i7 256GB) for the Best Microsoft Hack. To qualify, hackers need to incorporate at least one of the following products/services into their project:
- HoloLens
- Kinect
- Microsoft API (including, but not limited to Office 365, Cognitive Services, Bing)
- Microsoft Azure cloud (including, but not limited to: Machine learning, Virtual machines, Webhosting, Databases)
- Microsoft Bot Framework
- Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app

Prize: Surface Pros (i7 256GB) up to 4 - 1 for each member of the winning team

Best Social Media Hack - Sponsored by Facebook

Facebook is offering Solar powered backpacks to the team that best incorporates social media in their hack!

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Jake Levin

Jake Levin
Founder & CEO of Electric Objects

Mike Doty

Mike Doty
Cofounder of Ark

Shayak Banerjee

Shayak Banerjee
CTO of Shade

Deepak Chhugani

Deepak Chhugani
Founder & CEO of The Lobby

Jennifer Chew

Jennifer Chew
Marketing Manager at Smartling

Judging Criteria

  • Originality
    How original is the idea? Is it simply a repackaging of a previous project or is it something that has never been done before? Projects can also blend two concepts together in a refreshing new way.
  • Design
    Is the project something that looks and feels polished? Is the user experience and interface smooth and well-designed?
  • Technical Difficulty
    Does the project take on technical challenges? What parts of the project did your team invent, and how did you build upon existing tools and technologies?
  • Enjoyment
    Is the project zany, interesting or just plain amusing? Will it bring a smile to the face of those who see it, whether they are adults, teenagers or little kids?
  • Usefulness
    Can this hack be used in real life to better somebody's life? Is it enough to justify people wanting to use it?

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